STORY BY: Blue Heeler SunFire.

    The large human looked up as the canine was brought before his desk. "Ahh, my dear Wekesal, I'm glad you accepted my invitation."
   "I did NOT accept anything," the dog stated, "Your goons grabbed me. What is this about, Awarding?"
   "Let's not be so formal, Wekesal, you can just call me boss. Because, my dear, that is what I am. You are the one in trouble. The investigation is about to conclude that you acted alone and broke the trust."
   "You Son of a Bitch," Wekesal snarled, being restrained by the two weasels. "You planned all of this."
   "Ahh, but you will never prove anything. But your in luck, I have fixed it so the WatchDogs won't come down on you."
   "Whatever it is, I won't do it. You will NOT get any help from me in your plans. I will work hard to expose you."
   "But you all ready have. Take a look here." The human walks over to the window and points. "See your first born son, Alexander."
   The dog struggles hard, concentrating on the guards. "YOU..."
   "Temper, temper, temper. My gaurds are immune to your pitiful powers. If you do anything different than your normal job, your kid dies. It's as simple as that. Now, get him out of my sight."
   "You'll regret this, Euph, you will rue the day you messed with the SunFires." Wekesal shouts out as he is pulled away.
   "I think not. We have much more than your small family." The human sits back down. "Bring the brat to me, I have plans. And send for my scientists."
   "You now have the subject for your tests. This young SunFire will be your subject, and my tool."
   "Boss," the scientest started, "we don't have the virus to make him loyal done yet."
   "I don't want to hear your excuses," the human replied, "just start. When you do get that part done, we will apply it then. I want to see if your work in dna splicing is ready."
   "Yes, sir."
   The young dog SCREAMED as the ray hit him. The straps held the puppy in place as the scientists looked on. One of them held a device that was attached to the dog, another was writing on a notepad. The ray stopped shooting and the dog stopped screaming, passing out. "It WORKED!" one of the scientists shouted out. "That should boost his natural agility to super agiliity."
   "Next month we will work on the muscles. That will give time to see if this works fully. You, observe him." the leader points at the first scientists.
   "Alexander, pay attention." the female horse yelled.
   "Yes, Nani" the dog replied gloomly.
   "Now what was the answer to number five."
   "I don't know or care."
   The horse slapped the dog, "You don't talk to ME that way, Alex. You have to keep up your schooling."
   "Why, I know all I need to know to get through life. I have the muscles and agility and fighting skills and.... So why do I have to know all these stupid thing."
   "Because my 7 year old dog, you need to know them if you are to do what the boss wants you to."
   "I don't ca..."
   "BE QUIET! You will go to your room NOW and study. In a half hour I will call you back. If you don't have the work done, you will get NO dinner or books." The teacher drags the dog to a room and throws him in. Alexander doesn't cry at the treatment, he's been trying to rebel ever since he can remember. He knows this isn't the home he was born into. All he can remember, though, is the experiments and the teaching. There hasn't been much fun in his short life at all. Every so often he remembers a loving family, but the memory doesn't stick. Alexander sighs loudly, then starts to read the book again.
   "Alex," a familar voice whispers, "You in there."
   "Rich, your here" Alex whispers back into the air grate.
   "You get in trouble again with Nani? You get in more and more trouble. You have to quit that, you want to get the boss mad at you!"
   "I don't care for the boss, someday I'm out of here." Alex goes back to reading so he's ready for the teacher. The wolfcub called Rich crawls back through the vents. Alex finishes the reading as the teacher enters the room.
   "Alex, are you done?" Nani askes.
   "Yea, I'm done with the stupid reading." Nani glares at Alex, but doesn't say anything. She starts to ask questions as the leasons continue.
   "But, Nani, why do I have to fight Rich?"
   "Alex, don't question my orders," the teacher started, "you are to fight Richgast to improve both your skills. You are both weapons, tools, for the boss. Therefore you will do as I say. You HAVE no free will." Both the dog and wolf sigh loudly as the stand off against each other. The wolf takes the quick advantage and pounces on the position where the dog was. Looking around, he suddenly regreats that as a flash of blinding light blinds him. Rolling to the right, he pulls a cloak of darkness around the area, then rolls to the left. The dog pounces on the rolling wolf only to find himself in darkness. The dog sniffs, the yelps as the wolf hits him. Rolling with the punch, the dog lashes out with a foot, connecting with a part of the wolf. The dog's smile turns to a frown as his leg is grabbed by the wolf. The wolf groans as he is kicked, but grabs the leg starting to twist it. He pulls it then
pushes to get the dog off balance; lashing out with his paw at the knee to crack it. The dog feels himself being pulled then pushed as he tries to move out of the way. CRACK. The dog howls loudly, then snarls. The dog jerks his injured paw out of the grasp, pouncing on the wolf ignoring the pain. The dog starts slashing and biting the wolf. The wolf feels the bones give way under his hit, but is not prepared for the pounce. He feels the dog hit him, then feels pain. The dog feels paws on him pulling him away, but frees himself and goes back to attacking the wolf. The guards pull the dog away
again, giving him a shot. The dog falls asleep.
   "Alex...Alex, are you there?" Rich asks carefully out the grate.
   "Yes, I'm surprised you want to talk to me; I tried to kill you."
   "It wasn't your fault. It's what they're doing to us. If we stay long enough, they will make us totally their tools."
   "Someday, we will get out. I won't let them make me their tool."
  Alex crept slowly down the alley, sniffing. Suddenly, he pounced over a box and kicked the figure behind it. Tumbling, he brought himself up as he punched another figure hearing that one fall with a crunch. Alex turned and looked around. "Good, tool, good." He starts shaking and moaning, then collapses on the ground. "What, Tour, what happend?" the human yells at the running scientest.
   "It is what I feared, he is rejecting that virus. We will need to work more."
   "WHEN, Tour, When will the obiedence virus be ready?!" the human yelled slamming his fist on the desk leaving an impression.
   Tour backs a step up, "We...We're working as fast we can, boss. I'm sorry, his dna has rejected all of our previous attempts. We are close, very close."
   "I Want results, not excuses, and I want them NOW. I have this weapon, this tool in my hands, yet I can't use it. I want to use it. It will hasten my control of the government. I will destroy my enemies. Look how far SunFire fell. Now, leave me and finish your work." The scientist left the human and walked back to the lab.
   "We will try the new formula next week."
   "But, sir, it's not ready yet. It could kill him." a scientist gasped.
   "If it does, you will die a slow, painful death. Have it ready and safe for next week."
   The scientist moved carefully down the hall. He looked all about, waited, then moved again. He finally reached a door, stopped, and placed a substance in the lock. He heard the chemical work, and shortly there after, he opened the door. "Alex" he whispered. "Alex, it's me Genis. Oh please be here."
   "I'm here, what do you want." Alex replied.
   "You have to get out of here tonight, they are going to try to put the control in you tomorrow. It will kill you, it isn't ready."
   "We have to get Rich."
   "There isn't time, we go now."
   "NO, I won't go without him."
   "I said," Genis said as he grabbed the arm of the dog, "you come now." The dog tried move out, but he felt his conciousness slip away from him. Genis walked out the chamber, moving to an unused door. Pushing the door open, the scientist carried the dog through, and into a small shapped device. The scientist put a letter in and pressed a button. The device dropped down, and floated away on the underground stream. The scientist sighed, and walked out of the room. The dog woke in a small chamber. Looking around quickly, he punched up, and through the top. As he ripped the device open, he noticed he was against a shore. He stepped out of the box, and then noticed the letter.
   "Alexander Rowlings SunFire, You now have your life ahead of you. You should not look for your family for a while, the boss will be watching you. I will try to get Richgast out, but I can't promise it. You are very valuable, try to take care of yourself. Genis."
   Alex looked at the note several times, then cries out loud.