STORY BY: Blue Heeler SunFire

     The flames from the building lit the night sky. Off to the side, the blue coloured canine watched. A single tear running down his cheek. The heat could be felt, if he would be affected by it. As he watched his home burn, he thought back on parts of his life.
     "Where's daddy going?" Blue asked his mom.
     "He has to head off on business again, Blue." The silver haired lady replied.
     "He's always going off on business, when are we part of business."
     "Shh, don't say that. You don't want to really be involved in what your father is. Or, to a lesser extent, what your brother is." The female canine stepped back as the blue furried male came in.
     "Son, Blue, you know that I have to work hard to keep us all in the position we are in. I miss you terribly when I have to go. I keep a picture of you close to my heart." Alexander showed his son the picture of Blue and his brother. "I have something for you." The older male dog handed Blue a locket. "Put this on your neck, and never take it off. You can put pictures in it, but don't remove the locket"
    Blue looked at the locket with a smile, placing it around his neck. "Thank you, daddy." he stated as he hugged his father. "I'll keep it on."
Alex turned to the female canine, and saw the look in her eyes. He noded slowly. "I think this might be it, this time." The female hugged the male with tears in her eyes.
     A snap brought Blue back to the present. He saw through the burnt out window, his computer system melting, the monitor blown out. He pondered his past more.
     "Is this really Tarsin, mom?" The teen-aged Blue questioned.
     "Yes, Blue, it is." The female turned back to watch the approach to the city. "I want you to be careful when you're in there."
     "Of course, mom." as he watched with growing excitement. The carrage arrived in the city, and Blue nearly busted out of it. He wandered around the streets some. Gawking at some of the furs he saw. Smiling as he introduced himself to some others, using their own proper greetings. Blue loved showing furs that he knew many customs when they wouldn't have expected it. As he walked around, he saw a few signs. After reading them, he grinned and padded over to where they stated he should go. The fur at the desk gave him a sheet to sign. With a grin, he put in his name and something else. Blue then sat with others in a waiting room. Finally, a fur showed him into a room. Infront of him was dark brown wolf, his grey eyes looking first at the sheet, then up quickly.
     "Blue Heel SunFire? I see you say you're a .... sex assassin?? You Yiff your victims to death???" He looked at Blue baffledly.
     Blue grinned as only a young adventerous hormone crazed canine could, "Would you like an in depth demonstration?" he said with a wink.
     The wolf backed away, even though he was 7'3 to the canine's 5'10, his eyes open wide, "Err no thanks... thanks but no... I think we don't have a position for someone with your special... talents." Blue noded and exited the room with a jaunty wave.
     The memory of a the thought, that he could join an assassin's guild being a yiff assassin, brought a smile to the older blue. Then he frowned as he saw a picture burning in the fire.
     "So what's this land like, daddy." The young canine looked up at his father.
     "It has some very tough codes of living, but it's a very strong nation because of it. No spy could ever infiltrate, and they are very tough to fight in battle. The leader has a son about your age, and we thought that the two of you could chat and.. what's the word.... hang out." Alex smiled down at his young son. "There he is, standing right there. That's Felinar."
Blue looked out at the young lion.
     A loud crunching sound made the dog jerk up. He watched as part of what was his bedroom crumble. More tears flowed out of his eyes. He pondered on how Felinar brought out that which was always in him. Made him think more openly. All the training, and lessons, that the lion had taught. He hoped that he had imparted some of the same lessons about his life. What happend to the lion in that closed society was hard for Blue to think of even to this day.
     "So what are you going to do with the money you receive from the inn?"
     "I think," Blue responded, "I will build myself a house where I can be away from this intregue, and wars, and such." Blue looked over at the other canine. How much like mom he looks, he thought.
     "Well, let me know if you need anything. Try to build it near a lake, then you can land your plane there." Blue's brother responded.
     "Of course" Blue said with a grin, "I want to be able to land it somewhere. Parking it here in town cost's a fortune. I"ll keep in touch, bro." Blue hugged his brother, and padded out to the waiting plane. Then after talking to the tower, he took off. As he flew over the terran, he looked for a spot that would be perfect to build a place. There were a couple of nice looking spots. Only two of them were available.
     He took them both. "I'll build my house there... and put a small cabin up at the more hidden away site." Blue built both places with his own paws, glad that he had the plane to bring the supplies in. It took almost a year to build both places, but he felt it was worth it. The satilite phone and tv, kept him in tune with the rest of the world. Using a natural Geothermal vent to create electricity, Blue was all set. He moved in all of his old stuff that he'd had for years into the cabin; putting all the new stuff in the main house. Life seemed to start out well.
      Blue finally looked away from the smoldering remains of the building. He slowly turned to look over the 4 dead bodies; the impliments of arson near them. "Why" he asked the un-moving bodies. His voice raises in volume, "Why, why me.. how could this happen... why did this happen." As the tears ran down, the canine looked at the markings on the clothing. "Is it not enough that they took my father, and tried to take me. But now they have to try to destroy all that I hold dear?" There was no answer, the forest was quiet, totally quiet. The only sounds were the canine's voice, and waves gently lapping against the dock, and the plane. He looked around again, then saddly slipped over to the plane, and took off.