Patrick Reed, Furp

This has been reported to me from the LAFF mailing list by Ken RedTail

It is my sad misfortune to share with you the death of a longtime furry friend of many of us, the dear Furp, who was killed last night in a motorcycle accident near the Marine Base in California where he worked. He had been out riding when a drunken Marine struck him. The Marine is currently in custody. Furp was a friend to many and a staff member to many conventions. Many may remember him as the man with the medical bag who was the first one we called when we had any urgent health issues.
Prayers go to his family and loved ones in their time of grief.
I have known Furp for a long time, near the time I first joined IRC. He helped get things going in the Chicago area for Furs. When I moved to MN, he did invite me to a birthday party that I was able to get to as I drove back home from a visit in the Chicago area. He was at all of the cons I attended, mostly working either security and/or First Aid. He was a great friend, and one to miss. It's really a shame that things like this have to happen, but as someone else said, he would have said, "And what did we learn." Hopefully something good has come from this.
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