FSUN is the Furry Supporters of Universal Networks. We are a group of furs that use IRC to chat over.  We have been in existance since December of 1997.  We started on Undernet in a channel called #Furworld There was also #yiff, #furry, #thunderbolt,#dragons.

We have currently moved to include all nets including Anthrochat and Furnet. Our main channel there is #fsun. Come and chat with us sometime.

Wolf Park This is a wonderful place where you can actually sponsor a wolf and get in there and pet it. I'm going down there in March, if you would like to donate some money to there, paypal me: blue_heel (at) fsun (dot) net, and I'll add it to what I'm taking. Even if it's like 5 bucks if ten peopel do 5 bucks, then that's 50 bucks more we can give.
Animals for Awarness They were at MFF2001 and brought along some of the animals that they have rescued and take around to schools. You really have to read their site to learn all about them.
The Indiana Coyote Rescue center. This is a site that we heard about just last year. It is run on very little money, so if you ever have some extra, she can always use the help. Go to the site and read more.
Tiger Haven. This is the place that MFM sponsors. They have built three enclosures now.
SOS Lynx The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered feline species in the world, as few as 220 individuals survive in the wild. Find out more and learn how you can help the beautiful Iberian Lynx the "Tiger of the Algarve" - Europe's only endemic feline.

AnthroCon This is a convention held each year in July, in Pittsburg, PA, USA. This is the one that most of us can get to.
MidWest FurFest This is a newer con that many of us go to. It is held in Woodfield, IL near Chicago the weekend before thanksgiving.
Mephit FurMeet This started as a pizza party but went from there. It's held down in Memphis, TN over the Labor Day Weekend.
T-shirt Design Contest This contest invites artists to design the FSUN tshirt for the following year. The contest will start in January, Submissions must be in by Feburary 27. More information will be posted on the site. We currently are not offering this contest.
If there are other cons that a group of FSUNers go to, let the webmaster know.

Picture Furry Name Website
Twilight AutumnFox Dwell ye now in twilighte...
Blue Heeler SunFire The Doctor's Realm
IndigoFox http://www.fsun.net/indigo
Northwolf Stories of Tesiare
Stories on Frozen Star Arts
SJWolf Art by SJWolf at VCL
Frozen Star Arts site
None Shadou Kitsune Shadou's Site
The Wolf TheDump
Tibble Tibble's Realm
If you wish a page here, email the webmaster blue_heel.

Various Misc. Links
Downloads.com You can get Mirc or Pirch or another IRC type of program to connect with IRC
Fur.com A furry site with both artists and writers.
Fur affinity A site started and run by some friends up in Minneapolis. It has grown quite big recently.
Furnation One of the good artists and writers site.
Miavir Miavir's archive for furry writers.
Yiffstar A good site for adult furry stories
Yerf A good artist site.