Stories about Blue Heeler SunFire and Napalm:

Chapter 1:
    Part a Blue and Napalm meet in the woods..
    Part b They find out who's behind the attacks..

Chapter 2:
    Part a A friend of Blue's father helps out.
    Part b The true enemy is heard from.
    Part c What can the heros find in the townhouse.

Chapter 3:
    Part a What did that needle do?

Chapter 4:   10/31/99
    Part a The island.

Chapter 5:   10/31/99
    Part a There's a bigger enemy?
    Part b With some help, the cure is found.

Chapter 6:   2/10/00
    Part a: Felinar enters the story.
    Part b: Felinar's past comes to light.
    Part c: Does the lion join or not?
    Part d: The Search begins.
    Part e: Why do they always put it in the basement.

Chapter 7:   8/26/00
    Part a; What was found in that storage room?
    Part b; Will Felinar every open up?